Freelance Writer, Editor, and Ghostwriter

Raksha Daryanani is a freelance writer, editor, and ghostwriter. She also facilitates masterclasses online, delivers guest lectures at universities, and is working on her first book. Her weekly Substack helps you increase (cultural) awareness, experience joy and peace, and live mindfully. 

Writing and storytelling services and guest lectures
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Writing and storytelling services and guest lectures
About Raksha

Raksha has honed her craft as a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and editor to help global magazines, and (wellbeing) business leaders engage with their audience, and convert them to loyal buyers, readers or listeners.

She is specialised in writing feature articles, interviews, thought leadership articles, and event summaries. Raksha also offers editing SOPs for university admissions, bespoke online masterclass facilitation, workshops on personal branding for career growth, and HMRC job interview coaching. 


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SEO Optimized Content

I create engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly copy that resonates with your target audience.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for? Drop Raksha a line via the contact form to find out how she can help with your writing needs. 

Editing & Job Coaching

Want to improve the quality of your written work before submitting it or uploading it online? Raksha can help you edit: 

Writing and Ghostwriting

Need human content for your wellbeing, spiritual, leadership, or culture-focused website? 

Guest Lectures, Workshops & Events

Bespoke and captivating in-person and online sessions for businesses, individuals, and universities. 

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Client Testimonials

Raksha is an excellent student coach who listens well and provides constructive feedback. She is well-versed with the SOP writing process and college admission guidance. I had a positive experience working with her.

Yusra Asif Counselling Psychologist

Raksha is professional and knowledgeable. She facilitated a professional development workshop for my college students as part of a Leadership Program. Her presentation was comprehensive and provided excellent practical tools on what they can do to succeed in their studies. I highly recommend Raksha.

Dana DellaCamera Innovative Leader

Thanks to Raksha's interview coaching session which helped me develop my competency behaviours , I have finally been successful at an interview for HMRC. The help I received was enormous !

Shahzad Afzal Active Manager, Royal Mail

I would highly recommend Raksha. Raksha produced a piece of work for me which was completed with care, extreme undestanding of the subject, whilst understanding the audience and the writers intention. I couldn't have done it without her assistance. Thank you Raksha

Pavinder Boparai Commercial Property Lawyer

I highly recommend Raksha. I had a SOP to write about for an university application so I decided to contact her. Communications were fast and she delivered in reasonable times. She gave flow and structure to the ideas I had so the story I was telling was more compelling and the ideas I developed connected in a more smooth way. Moreover , she suggested ways that I could introduce more ideas to make my essay stronger than it was. Raksha has all the expertise to guide academic applications either to a Bsc, MSc or PhDs.

Sergio Garbay Flores Chevening Scholar

Raksha worked for us as an external writer, delivering several HR and people management articles that performed well on our brand new blog. She followed each briefing to the dot and always proposed studies and reports to support the subject she was writing about. I recommend Raksha for your writing squad.

Zhandra Fuentes Corporate Communication

Thanks to Raksha's interview training and admissions essay guidance, I got the offers from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Leipzig Graduate School of Management. She is so professional and full of patience. Just trust her!

Kun Xu Corporate Strategy

Working with Raksha on my essay & interview for University of Bath (MBA), helped me land an offer from the prestigious college but more importantly she helped me discover my unique story which was hidden all these years. She acts as a perfect mentor & a consultant & will give you the perfect tools to present the best version of yourself.

Shivam Vohra Senior Strategy Lead