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The first thing we remember as a child is usually a story we were told by someone who loved us. I know mine is, and that’s why I’m here to light up the world by writing and telling powerful stories. Stories that teach us more about the people around us, and the communities we live in. Stories that can change our minds. Stories that make us more aware of our human nature, our roots and our growth. Those are the stories that my readers appreciate and re-share the most. Want me to help tell your story or share my stories on your platform? Get in touch! 

Raksha Daryanani writer and storyteller
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Raksha Daryanani writer and storyteller

Your readers deserve stories that transform and engage. My writing delivers that and more. 

Whilst I’m based in sunny Barcelona…

I grew up in South America and have studied and lived in England before I moved to Spain. I work as a content manager in daily life. When I’m not writing for others, you’ll find me reading extensively (I’m a fiction addict) and sharing stories. I also love writing poetry and attending open-mic nights to perform them.

Writing projects I've worked on

The coolest projects I've worked on are articles for international magazines about various topics, and long-form personal essays. Last year, I worked on ghostwriting a leadership book for a renowned coach, and countless lead-generation LinkedIn posts for various business leaders in Europe. This year, I'm focused on writing my memoir whilst I keep submitting articles to magazines. I aspire to be a columnist.

Life as a freelance writer

Each weekend, you’ll find me in a local cafe, where I observe people, reflect on my week and write a story or article. My writing is mostly focused on culture, languages, personal development, spirituality, awareness and storytelling but I don’t believe in limiting myself. I also deliver guest lectures for universities and literary and storytelling events! Follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter to read my daily posts and short stories.

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