How to focus on the good

How to Focus On the Good

Do you find it quite simple to focus on what didn’t go well in life?

As complex, intelligent beings, we inherently remember our mistakes, unhappy moments, people who treated us wrongly, didn’t help us, or weren’t there for us when needed them the most.

What happens to the beautiful moments in life and to the people who were there for us, no matter what? The leaders that encourage us. The family that stands by us daily. The friends who reach out to us. Don’t they deserve our appreciation? Do we (unconsiously) single them out because of the rest that went against our hopes?

It really got me thinking over the past week amidst all the chaos, so I made a list of what I am grateful for. I then reached out to everyone I wanted to say thank you to. Not only was it a sincere moment of expressing gratitude from my side: they were genuinely surprised and pleased as well. It was a priceless experience.

I once again realised that life is what you make of it. If you need help, ask for it. There’s always someone more than willing to assist. On the other hand, be ready to help as well. Surely you have something to offer another. Lastly, when receiving, say “thank you”. It’s free, kind and thoughtful. Not to mention the smiles of those we say thank you to.

I also realised that we can rewire our brain to appreciate the good, for whatever we focus on multiplies. All the more reason to focus on the good, don’t you agree? When we are grateful, our reasons to be grateful will increase and our mind will bring up those happy moments instead of the sad ones.

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