Striving for Perfection All The Time?

Over the years, I’ve learnt that I’m not a perfect human being and I’ve come to terms with this observation.

I have noticed, however, that the emphasis on being “perfect” or “excellent” at something is so high nowadays that we easily forget the things we are simply “good” at. Those good qualities become background noise, which we filter out unknowingly. We lose out on our everyday strengths and soon enough, the voice in our head undermines our growth. Before you know it, we start focusing on all the bad instead of the good qualities we possess within no time.

Being imperfect, however, doesn’t mean you don’t strive for improvement. I’m not advocating becoming lazy or not progressing. On the contrary, I believe that you can strive for improvement with tiny actions each day. The key is not to forget how many good qualities you have in the process of improvement. This way you don’t beat yourself up, while becoming exceptional at something.

Another benefit is gratitude. When you appreciate all the good in you, it gives you the courage to pursue your dreams. It also helps you appreciate the good in others as well as their efforts and lets you enjoy being in your imperfect state. Creativity actually flows better when you are in an imperfect state because you can bend, modify, and change things to the way that you desire. Think about it, when something is perfect, do you feel the need to change it? No, right?

Lastly, imagine if you were perfect and excelled at everything, life would be pretty static and mediocre, wouldn’t it?

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